Electronic cigarettes might sound weird to some people as they might even say there is no such thing. Well, to the surprise of many electronic cigarettes are a very much quickly growing concern with over six million results on the Google search. Little it is that people know about these cigarettes. Well, you need not worry anymore as from this article you will get to understand something about the electronic cigarette right from what it is to how it is used and so on.


An electronic cigarette just as the name suggests is a type of cigarette created to provide smokers with a healthy option. It has been in existence for about three years now, and surprisingly enough, it also helps in reducing and quit smoking to some people altogether.


All the same, Smoko Premium Electric Cigarettes are now more user-friendly than what we had in the past which in a way did not encourage a healthy market appeal. The most authentic cigarette "The Mini" has a length of 100mm and covers up as a conventional cigarette to date.


Electronic cigarettes do not have the harmful substances as those found in other cigarettes it, however, has the taste of tobacco. This was a clever way they implemented to cater for the cravings of smokers without facing the risk of inhaling those poisonous toxins found in other normal cigarettes. Could this be the savior every smoker has been waiting for? Probably yes.


Technically, an electronic cigarette requires a battery and has an atomizer and renewable nicotine chamber which allows the smoker to hold the cigarette just like any other smoker would with a normal cigarette. Now the best part is that the nicotine chamber is very useful in that it provides units available in different fortes, allowing the smoker regulate the amount of nicotine intake while smoking which in a way could help in completely putting an end to your smoking, this is mainly for those battling with smoking addictions. For more facts and information about electronic cigarette, you can go to


What's even better is that for an electronic cigarette, the nicotine unit lasts up to twenty times' normal cigarette. How cool is that? You get to save so much as you do not need to buy as many cigarettes compared to a normal cigarette. The various units found in the nicotine chamber include standard, medium, low and even none. These are the different strengths, click to know more!



Other than being a healthy alternative to smokers, the electronic cigarettes in many places can be smoked in public as they do not pose any health threat to people. How cooler could this get? Passive smokers are not prone to any risks. They are environmentally friendly too. The electronic cigarette is just about all the good praises you want to hear healthier, cheap and environment-friendly alternative.